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Princeton Sports has been Maryland's favorite bike shop for over 77 years. With two locations in Baltimore and Columbia, MD, our stores have all the bicycles, bike gear, bike accessories, and bike repair services your family is looking for! We stock an impressive selection of bikes from Giant, Raleigh, Cannondale, and Specialized, in youth and adult sizes, and select comform models from Biria. Choose from our huge inventory of men's and women's mountain, road, triathlon, hybrid, and cruiser bicycles. We also offer a competitive youth bike trade in program, because we know how fast they grow!

Not sure what type of bike you are looking for? No problem! Check out our bicycle types and information to begin the hunt for your perfect bicycle. We have one of the largest selections of bicycles in the Mid-Atlantic region and our number one goal is make sure that you find the RIGHT bike that will perform best for your needs. Our in-store experts are the best around and look forward to fielding any and all of your questions, from model selection to repair services!

All bicycles purchased from us are assembled for free, you get a year free labor and we stand behind it. If you ever have a problem, let us know and we'll fix it. New bikes also come with a one year manufacturer's warranty on all parts, excluding inner tubes and tires. We are also proud to offer an optional KPP Keep it Rolling Protection Plan.

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Our Columbia Bike Department

Bicycle Information

The heart of Princeton Sports is our bicycle department! We have one of the best selections of Mountain, Road, Recreational/Urban, and Kids bicycles in the Mid-Atlantic. Our bike professionals are passionate about the sport and expertly trained to navigate customers through our large inventory of Cannondale, Raleigh, Specialized, and Giant bikes, to find the perfect ride for every type of cyclist!

Some things to consider when you are deciding on the right type of bike:

  • Who do you ride with and what type of bicycle are they riding?
  • Have you ridden anything in the past that you liked?
  • Have you ridden anything in the past that you disliked?
  • Where do you plan on riding your bike?
  • What would you like to be doing with your bike a year from now?
  • How much money are you comfortable spending on a bicycle?

All of our bikes are assembled in-store by our trained mechanics and come with one year of free maintenance, and a one year manufacturer's warranty on all parts except tubes and tires. Princeton Sports is also proud to offer an optional advanced "KPP" Keep it Rolling Protection Plan on any new bikes purchased from us:

Keep it Rolling Protection Plan

It is an easy and inexpensive way to roll along with peace of mind. If the unexpected happens and you are faced with the hassle and expense of unexpected repairs the plan provides:

3 Years Keep it Rolling Plan

5 Years Keep it Rolling Plan

Cost of BikePrice Up to $749.99$59.99 $750.00 – $1499.99$79.99 $1500.00 – $4999.99$109.99 $5000.00 – $10,999.99$189.99
Cost of BikeCost of Coverage Up to $749.99$99.99 $750.00 – $1499.99$129.99 $1500.00 – $4999.99$169.99 $5000.00 – $10,999.99$299.99

From cruising infinite, flowy, singletrack to bombing it downhill, you’re bound to see that perfect ride sitting on our floor. These machines are durable, fast, and built to withstand the wear and impact of this boundless sport. We stock a wide variety of full-suspension and hardtail mountain bicycles in 26” and 29” in wheels.

Need help finding the perfect mountain bike for your adventure? Check out the following information on selecting the right type of mountain bike, and see what we have in stock:

XC Mountain Bike

XC Mountain Bikes are focused on performance for the more competitive rider. Lightweight and stiff, they are built for speed, endurance, and quick ascents. XC mountain bikes feature shorter front and rear travel for higher efficiency, and steeper head tube and seat tube angles which keep the rider over the center of the bicycle for more powerful pedaling. Our XC mountain bikes are available in both hardtail and full-suspension models, which perform significantly better downhill. Whether you’re racing, hitting the trails at Avalon, or just plain competitive, we guarantee our fleet of race ready machines will get the job done.


These bikes feature a full suspension rear to help you float over obstacles and minimize the abuse of a challenging descent. All-mountain models are heavier then their XC brethren because they feature longer travel front and rear suspension. This minimizes impact on the rider for better control and performance downhill. Head tube and seat tube angles are slackened to place the rider further back on the bike. This is exaggerated in models focused on handling steep descents to prevent the rider from pitching too far forward over their front wheel. Typically chainstays are shortened to bring the rear wheel closer to the center of the bike for greater ease lofting the front end over obstacles. Search our selection of 26” and 29” full-suspension all-mountain bikes for the perfect companion on your next adventure.


Recreational mountain bikes are simple, durable, affordable, and fun, with a more upright geometry for enhanced rider comfort. These hardtail bikes are perfect if you are just getting a taste for the sport, riding casually, or looking for simplicity in your mountain bike.

We also offer a selection of recreational mountain bikes from Raleigh and Giant that are available in XS and XXS adult size frames (26” wheel with 12”-14” seat tube) at affordable price points that are perfect for the growing child or teenager in need of a super durable bike!

Our Baltimore Bike Department

Road Bikes are built to be fast and efficient on pavement. They have the largest wheel size (700) and the thinnest tires (20c-28c) kept at the highest psi (100-120psi) for quick acceleration and high efficiency. These features make road bikes unsuitable for use on any terrain other than pavement. We carry a wide range of road bikes, from affordable alloy frames with basic Shimano components, to competitive race ready Hi-Mod carbon fiber frames tricked out with SRAM Red!


Endurance road bikes feature a longer head tube and shorter top tube to lift you up and back for a more upright rider position. The wheel base is lengthened for stability at high speeds and better tracking on descents. Look for this geometry in entry level/recreational models, and road bikes focused on distance riding. If you are looking for a fit that will be comfortable for longer rides, and easier on your lower back and shoulders, this is the geometry for you.

Flat Bar

If you are uncomfortable on drop bars, we also have some flat bar road bikes with a relaxed fit geometry that would be perfect for you! Flat bar road bikes are perfect for beginners, commuters, or for the roadie who is looking for relief from back, shoulder, or neck pain.


Performance road bikes feature a shorter head tube and longer top tube to pull you forward and down into a more aggressive rider position. This geometry helps you generate more power, faster. Paired with a shorter wheelbase, these bikes accelerate quickly to give you the competitive edge you need for your upcoming race--or maybe you just like going fast! If that's the case, this is the geometry for you.

Triathlon/Time Trial

Triathlon/Time-Trial bikes are designed to be aerodynamic by streamlining the profile of the rider and the bike to eliminate dirty air. They feature aero bars for speed on descents and flats, and a geometry that shifts you forward so that about 60% of your weight is on your front wheel. In contrast, when riding a road bike, approximately 40% of your weight is on your front wheel, and 60% is on the rear wheel for stability and powerful climbs. Because of this weight shift, is very important that riders on Tri/TT bikes are confident in their bike handling skills before riding in groups!

We know our triathletes don't mess around, and that's why we carry only the very best – our bicycle department stocks the Cannondale Slice for men and women. Fast, light, and comfortable, this carbon fiber bike is sure to get you to finish line in record time!

For more information on prepping for your race and ensuring you are outfitted with all the necessary gear, check out our triathlon page. If you are looking for local races and other ways to get involved, visit our community page for a full line up of our sponsored non-profit organizations, training rides, and event information. We also have a calendar listing our upcoming events, clinics, races, and meetings.

Our selection of recreational/urban bikes have the largest wheel size (700) for great roll efficiency, paired with a beefy enough tire (32c-38c) to handle a variety of terrain including packed dirt, pavement and grass. They have a relaxed upright geometry for greater comfort on your lower-back, neck, and shoulders. There are two main types of Hybrids:

Comfort Hybrid:

If you're looking for comfort in a recreational bike, this is the bike for you. Comfort Hybrids typically feature a suspension fork, suspension seat post, and gel inset saddle for an extra cushy ride! These bikes have a very upright geometry, comparable to that of a cruiser, but the frames are composed of aluminum alloy to keep them nice and light. They also feature user friendly grip shifts that typically range from 21 spd-27 spd, and (depending on the model) may have adjustable handlebars. Comfort bikes are great for cruising through the park, hitting the loop around BWI, riding the C&O canal on the weekend, or just playing in the neighborhood with your kids!

Fitness / Performance Hybrid:

Perfect if you're looking for a versatile bike for fitness or commuting, but are not quite ready to take the plunge and commit to a road bike! Performance hybrids typically have a stiff frame for higher mileage like a road bike, but can handle the alternate terrain that a road bike cannot. They are more aggressive than comfort hybrids, closer to the geometry of hardtail mountain bikes. Performance hybrids are available with a range of features and components, making some models close cousins to cyclocross or flat bar road bikes. Come check out our beginner to expert level fitness hybrids!


Our Kids bikes come in wheel sizes 12", 16", 20", and 24". We also carry a select variety of adult recreational mountain bikes (26" wheel) in X-Small and XX-Small sized frames that sit as low to the ground as a 24" kids bike. They are perfect for the tweener who needs a bit more growing room than a kids bike provides, but has not quite hit their growing spurt yet!

Youth Bike Trade-In Program

Bicycles eligible for the Trade in Program must fit the criteria below:

  • The bicycle must be a kids bike, wheel size 12", 16", 20" or 24". X-Small and XX-Small Adults sized bikes excluded.
  • The bicycle must have been purchased NEW from Princeton Sports in one of the brands that we currently carry. Kids bicycles purchased from our stores USED are excluded. Kids bicycles purchased from us new in brands that we no longer carry (example: Schwinn) are excluded. These are extremely old and no longer relevant to our current stock & store offerings.

If your bicycle fits the above the criteria and:

  • You bring the bicycle back for trade-in within one year of purchase with proof of purchase, you will receive 50% of its original purchase price back towards the purchase of a new kids bicycle.
  • You bring the bicycle back for trade-in within two years of purchase with proof of purchase, you will receive 25% of its original purchase price back towards the purchase of a new kids bicycle.
  • You bring the bicycle back for trade-in over two years after the original purchase date with proof of purchase, one of our bicycle experts will assess the condition of the bicycle and make you an offer for trade-in based on the amount of service / parts needed to make the bicycle eligible for resale. If you accept the offer, this trade-in value may be used towards the purchase of a new kids bicycle.
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