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Bicycle Clothing, Gear & Accessories

Dressing properly and equipping yourself with the right bike gear and accessories is important for your safety and can enhance your riding experience. If you are new to the sport, the long list (and price) of clothing, gear, and accessories can be overwhelming, but remember that these are items that last several seasons once purchased. Check out the information we have compiled below for tips on selecting the right cycling gear, or come in and speak with one our in-store bike experts!

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Cycling Apparel Information

Our bike department stocks a great selection of men's and women's cycling apparel from top brands, including Louis Garneau, Zoot, and Sugoi. Our collection of bicycle clothing is fitted or crafted from compression fabrics to minimize drag from wind resistance, perfect for the road or the trails! We also stock a variety of loose fit shorts and jerseys for mountain and recreational riding. Cycling clothing is very breathable and designed to wick moisture/perspiration away from the skin to keep riders cool and dry.

Some things to consider when selecting bicycle clothing:

  • Where will you be riding? Ex:Roads, trails, paths
  • Will you be riding in wet or windy conditions?
  • Do you tend to get very cold or over-heated easily?
  • Do your joints get achy in the cold?
  • Will you be riding early in the morning when the temperature begins to warm?
  • Will you be riding at dusk when the temperature begins to drop?
  • Are you comfortable in compression performance apparel, or do you prefer a looser fit?
  • How frequently do you ride and how long is your mileage?
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Shorts / Bibs / Tights Back to Apparel

If you’re not riding a gel comfort saddle, a cycling specific bottom with a chamois is a necessity. The cushioned chamois are anatomically designed for men and women to relieve saddle pressure and optimize blood flow to prevent numbness, pain, and saddle sores.

We carry a full selection of men’s (XS –XXL) and women’s (XS-XL) recreational and performance level compression cycling shorts, perfect for the road or trail. Alternatively, bibs are an excellent upgrade to compression bicycle shorts. They go over the shoulder and eliminate the stomach pressure felt by a waistband, making these notably more comfortable for cyclists riding an aggressive geometry.

Our colorful selection of bicycle skirts feature integrated cycling shorts and chamois, and making them a comfortable and stylish alternative to the traditional compression short.

Our bicycle department also stocks a wide variety of baggy cycling shorts with integrated short liners for mountain biking and recreational riding. The shells come down the knee to protect your legs from abrasion, and the liners are lightweight and ventilated with a performance chamois. Liners are sold separately as well.

For a colder day, we carry tights both with and without chamois, so they may be worn alone or over shorts for layering. Most bicycle shorts feature a sticky gel band at the bottom of the leg that can be flipped down over a leg / knee warmer so layers can be easily added and subtracted during a ride. Our bicycle department carries of a full line of leg and knee warmers for men ( SM-XL ) and women (XS-LG).

Cycling Jerseys Back to Apparel

For warm weather, choose from our massive selection of men’s (SM-XXL) and women’s (XS-XL) sleeveless and short sleeve cycling jerseys, made with the best tech fabrics to wick away sweat for a dry, comfortable ride. Our breathable partial zip and full zip jerseys will keep you cool under the sun, and are fitted to minimize drag from the wind.

Loose fit mountain bike jerseys are available in select styles, and are an excellent option for the recreational rider.

For a colder day, we carry long sleeve jerseys in a range of weights. It is recommended to cover your knees and arms when riding in temperatures colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. On those cooler fall and spring days, light weight long sleeve jerseys or arm warmers make great layering pieces to keep active joints warm. Our heavier weight long sleeve jerseys are lined with a wicking micro fleece that traps in your core heat to retain body warmth for riding in the coldest temperatures.

Cycling Jackets Back to Apparel

Jackets are a crucial element of proper layering if you anticipate riding in low temperatures, rain, or wind. For a cool day with rain or wind, choose from our selection of lightweight, water & wind resistant shells.

One of our best selling and highly adaptable jackets, the Cannondale Morphus Shell, can be converted on the fly into a vest with a ventilated back by peeling away the arms and back (one piece) which are attached with magnets. The fabric is waterproof, windproof, and ultra-collapsible, so that the detached shrug piece fits easily into the back pocket of the converted vest. We stock a full size range of this jacket in a variety of colors, including high visibility yellow, for men and women.

Heavy weight wind & water resistant cycling jackets with performance micro fleece linings are available for riding in ultra-low temperatures. Layer one of these with a base layer and/or long sleeve cycling jersey to stay warm when riding in the harshest conditions.

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Bicycle Gear & Accessory Information

Our bike shop stocks all of the necessary gear for a safe and comfortable ride, and and slew of accessory options to tailor you and your bicycle for that special purpose! Click on the links below to view our gear and accessory recommendations for customizing your riding experience for:

Gear & Accessories for Commuting

  • Rear Mounted Rack
  • Bags / Baskets
  • Helmet or Bar End Mirror
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • High-Visibility Vest or Jacket
  • Reflector Tape
  • Bike Shorts
  • Gloves
  • Road Shoes and Pedals
  • Sunglasses
  • Bar Ends
  • Fenders
  • Water Bottle and Cage
  • Bike Computer

Triathlon Gear & Accessories

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Aero Bars
  • Food / Energy Supplements
  • Aero Bar Water Bottle
    with Straw
  • Dual Rear Mounted
    Water Bottle Cage
  • Water Bottles
  • Race Number Belt
  • Fuel Belt
  • Tri Shoes and Road Pedals
  • Bike Computer
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Adventure / All Mountain Gear & Accessories

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike Shorts
  • Jersey
  • MTB Shoes and Pedals
  • Water Bottle and Cage
  • Food / Energy Supplements
  • Camelback / Back Pack
  • Go Pro Camera
  • Bike Computer
  • GPS
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Head lamp
  • The Spirit of Adventure!

Helmets are invaluable to your safety when riding a bicycle. After all, we only get one head! Over time, sun damage and perspiration will degrade the materials of your bike helmet, and that is why we recommend replacing your helmet every 3-5 years. After five years, we consider a helmet “unsafe.” There should be a manufacturer’s sticker on the inside of every helmet with its original manufacture date. Although there are some multi-impact helmets, most bike helmets are only safe for one fall. If you see evidence that your helmet has taken a hit, such as cracked plastic or chunks taken out of the foam, you should replace your helmet.

Signs your bike helmet needs to be replaced:

  • When you can push down on the top of your helmet you see and feel an air bubble between the plastic and the foam
  • You see physical evidence that the helmet has taken a hit, such as a crack in the foam, a chunk taken out of the foam, crack in the plastic, etc.
  • The manufacturer date of your helmet is over 3-5 years old.
  • The helmet so old all of the manufacturer and safety certification stickers have worn off!

Our youth bicycle helmets come sized for infants, toddlers, and young children. Our adult helmets come in a variety of fits, sizes S-XL, from Cannondale, Specialized, and Louis Garneau. We also carry a selection of women bike helmets in fun colors and patterns. Our helmets range in price from $40-$275; as bike helmet price increases, the helmets become lighter with better ventilation and fitting, featuring more plastic coverage on the back wing, and carbon fiber integration.

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Cycling Shoes & Pedals Back to Gear/Accessories

The right cycling shoes and pedals are a key element to enjoying the time spent on your bike. We carry road and mountain cycling shoes, and the most sought out cycling cleats and pedals from Cannondale, Specialized, Louis Garneau, and Northwave. If you are considering clipless pedals for the first time, we know that it can be an intimidating process. Speak with one of our bike experts about scheduling an appointment to bring in your bike, and we will help you select the best shoes and pedals, install them, and get you comfortable on an in-store trainer before you even need to worry about hitting the road or trails!

The primary purpose of cycling shoes and pedals is to enhance comfort and power on your bicycle. Clipless pedals can more than double the efficiency of a pedal stroke by allowing the rider to pull up and back, and push forward on the pedal, as well as push down. Additionally, this uses a larger muscle group, granting riders on clipless pedals greater endurance and power output. If you’re looking to crush hills, add on mileage, or take your riding to the next level, clipless pedals are a great next step.

Cycling shoes have a stiff sole to distribute the pressure of pedaling across the full surface area of your foot, which would feel focused under the ball of your foot in a standard athletic shoe. The majority of cycling shoes will have a stiffness rating on the sole of the shoe. As price goes up, the shoes become stiffer, more durable (retain their stiffness better over time with less mid-sole breakdown) and better ventilated. Many of our high-end road and mountain shoes feature ultra light-weight carbon fiber soles. If your shoe is not stiff enough, it frequently will result in discomfort/heated pressure on the ball of the foot (hot foot) or numbness during your ride.

Because of the high rate of pedal turnover on a road ride (typically riding at a higher cadence for longer distances ), road pedals and cleats cover a larger surface area on the base of the shoe for better pressure distribution. Most pedals have some allowance for float adjustment, but overall, pedals and cleats for mountain biking provide more lateral float for balancing and technical climbs.

We highly recommend a BG footbed or custom footbed to optimize blood flow and prevent numbness and mid-sole / fore-foot collapse. If you are having foot discomfort please do not hesitate to come into the store or contact one of our BG Fit Technicians. There is no reason to ride in discomfort or pain!

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Bike Carriers / Car Racks Back to Gear/Accessories

We carry the best selection of roof, hitch, and trunk mounted bike carriers for your vehicle from Thule and Saris. Thule’s online Fit Guide is an excellent resource for finding the correct bicycle rack for your vehicle. All you need to begin is the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Our Personal Checklist

Bicycle Checklist

Always pack a cell phone, emergency money , ID and emergency contact information. Before every ride check your tire pressure and fill your water bottle!

  • The Essentials
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Cycling Shorts/Bibs/Tights
  • Bottles and Cages
  • Seat Bag
  • Spare Tube
  • Tire levers & C02
  • For You
  • Cycling Jersey
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Arm Warmers
  • Leg Warmers
  • Jacket
  • Glasses
  • Shoe Covers
  • Food/Energy Gels
  • For Your Bicycle
  • Computer
  • Multi Tool
  • Small Pump
  • Lights
  • Lock
  • Lube and a Rag
  • Car Rack
  • Bell or Horn
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