Bicycle Fitting

More Comfort, More Power, Fewer Injuries: this is our promise delivered with each 3D Body Geometry Bike Fit. Our BG Fit Technicians are trained directly by Specialized to be experts in this fit technique because it is the best. Developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, this fit includes a full physical assessment to measure and record each rider’s body structure, range of motion strengths & limits, and unique needs. Riding experience, past injuries, and future goals are discussed before beginning the BG Fit process. The fit is performed while the cyclist pedals at 60% effort on a trainer, and addresses the side view (XY Plane) plus the front view (Z-Plane). The Z-Plane assessment is a crucial part of fully analyzing and correcting the knees and hips, and pedal stroke, frequent troublemakers when it comes to nagging pain on the bike.